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The movable hinges can form any angle and the stake-in-stake design allows for easy, multi-level stacking. To install, slide 2 x 6 inch lumber (not included) into corner joints and fasten. Your raised bed garden will be constructed in no time.

Use these interlocking joints, or the steel corner brackets, to make any size, shape or height raised bed. Either of these 'do-it-yourself' systems are designed to fit standard size lumber which you provide.

Just what you were looking for: a simple set of instructions for building your own raised bed! the box. • Leave about 4-6 inches of stake sticking up above the board.

beds that range from cheap and easy to deluxe and difficult. cedar planks and corner stake kits.

Check out our new raised bed staking kit! The kit includes: four corner brackets, two middle brackets, forty stainless steel screws, and an instruction booklet. It’s only $89.99! The brackets double as stakes, keeping the bed from shifting around.

Raised flower beds make tending your garden easy and alleviate the need to amend poor soil while adding an aesthetically pleasing look to your home. ends are directed upwards and...

1423 Raised Garden Bed Corner Bracket System ® General Product Information: Raised bed gardens yield more flowers, fruits and vegetables add standard 2" x 6" lumber into brackets.

A raised bed can be made with many materials; this one is put together with interlocking pavers. 1. Lay out the bed. To make straight layout lines, pound stakes into the ground at the corners and stretch string between them.

"Tires are readily available and in many ways are ideal for raised bed construction," Upson said. them into the pockets, driving them flush with the top of the board.

area for the flower bed. Position the stones or boards along the edges.

1. Mark the bed layout with surveyor's string and corner stakes. When calculating the perimeter, allow for twice the thickness of the wall together the corners in a simple butt joint.

(If bed is longer than 6 feet, you'll need to put two more stakes in the middle of each long side to prevent bowing.)

Should you wish to add a level to one or more of your beds, our Raised Bed Stakes enable you to stack beds by connecting the corner below to the one above.

more. Now we need to secure the base to stakes in the ground, and we have to level the rectangle. So grab a stake and drive it into the very corner of the most level side of the box.

Use these versatile corners to create everything from multi-level raised beds to angled landscape edging. allows easy stacking. Hinges can form any angle from 60º-180º.

Raised Flower beds can be made out of many different woods. Cedar or Redwood (Very expensive), Douglas Fir, or Pine. . Cut each end to a point so that you will be able to drive...

Raised Bed Garden Corner Brackets. One of the most inexpensive ways to build a raised bed is of course to build your own raised bed. more] 12" Raised Bed Stakes, Set of 2.

Measure out your raised flower bed and mark the corners by hammering the garden stakes no more than 4 inches into the ground. at the corner of the bed with the stake holes...

The corner stakes are adjustable, but the narrowest of the angles had to be set without benefit of the purchased hardware. reach from either side (4-5 feet) and never step on the...